Is Power Trading the Best Way to Make Gold in Guild Wars?

By Frank Lewis,
After a couple of beta weekend events, some Guild Wars 2 players think that buying and selling items at the Trading Post will be fastest way to earn Gold.

Guild Wars 2 beta testers have been able to buy and sell items at the centralized Black Lion Trading Company or commonly known as the Trading Post. The Trading Post is a vast market that cuts across all servers, which means every single player of Guild Wars 2 will be trading their goods in this spot. This alone offers a wealth of profit opportunities since sellers will have the whole playerbase as their potential market.

Commodities items, so far, seem to be the most lucrative items to list in the Trading Post, according to Reddit user Monory.

"If you are actually serious about making money then power trading is the only way to go," said Reddit user Monory in a thread about making money in GW2. "There is nothing you can do out in the world that will make you more money than buying low and selling high on commodities that trade rapidly and in high volume."

Monory said he started with nothing and made over 20 Gold in around six hours of power trading during the beta weekend event 2, which was held in early June.

Those who want to jump into the Trading Post action have a bit of learning to do, though. Veteran MMO blogger Ravious at KillTenRats said that the Trading Post works less like the World of Warcraft auction house and more like the EVE Online trading market. His extensive review of how the Trading Post works should help newbies get an idea of what to do. Caution though: It's a bit of a long read.

For those inclined to more visual tutorials, YouTube user Dontain has recorded an exceptionally helpful Trading Post video on how to get started on the Trading Post, with cool tips on how to make more money for the time spent.

RMT companies looking to engage in their own power trading operations should get familiar with tricks of the trade, such as shortcuts in item transferring and listing.

Remember though that Dontain covers just the collectibles. There are other items that can be sold at the Trading Post, including crafted weapons and gear, and the word is still out whether those will be a more lucrative market than collectibles. (We should know more once Guild Wars 2 actually launches and the real Trading Post settles into a stable economy.)

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