Gold Seller Interviews Part 2: Young RMT Entrepreneurs - their stories and thoughts on the business

By carebear,
This time sat down with several newcomers that offer some fascinating insights into the world of an average RMT company. With Mogbroker, GMBar and Mogmine we got three companies created from scratch by entrepreneurs with completely different background. A great read to get an idea how people got into the industry.

An interview we had online for a while already but never published in our article section is Mogbroker. Quite unusual for a "gold" seller is that he didn't even get started with gold in the first place. Instead, his first game to sell currency for was EVE Online - at his local LAN center. The US-based seller offers an interesting perspective on working together with Chinese partners. On the other side, you get an idea of what smaller sellers think of IGE. The full interview can be found on the Mogbroker profile page.

GMBar could hold up as a typical example of a Chinese operated seller. The interview gives an insight into the personal background, general business problems and the view from a Chinese entrepreneur in this industry. Where as older sellers started in the US and then opened branches in China, this one did it the other way round.

Last but not least: Mogmine. The company is being managed a young American who packed his stuff, moved to the Philippines and got started. He shares his story and thoughts on RMT in an interview with mmobux.

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