Gold Seller Interviews: Make-a-Wish Foundation, Art Collections and Bot Banning

By carebear,
If you wondered about the persons behind the numerous gold shops you might find our small series of interviews insightful. MMOBUX conducted several short interviews with a few selected gold sellers and trading platforms.

Low, the brain behind Belrion, has been in the business for more than 3 years. With us he shares some insights and explains why he would never sell his main character.

A short question and answer sessions offers you a brief look behind the scenes of Bid'n'Play. Looking to join the business? This project has an opening!

Michael Sheng, operator of FAVGames, has been into MUDs since the 90ies. Over those years he and his partner Quinn got to see a lot - including one gamer who sold his art collection for Dark Age of Camelot plat. Ever wondered why gold on World of Warcraft US servers is more expensive than on EU servers? Michael explains why.

Believe it or not - there are still traditional family businesses in this market: Kat and Marty run IRNewb. They are only operating in games they are actually playing themselves. In this brief interview they give you an idea on how a business like theirs can survive in such a competitive market.

That online games can mean a lot is shown by the Make-a-Wish foundation contacting Bob from UOTreasures. He shares this event and other insights - including how gold sellers manage to fight fraudulent buyers.

[Edited on 6/18/2007 by carebear]

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