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MMOBUX shop profile: MMOsale


Status Registered
A shop that is registered.
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Founding date 2004-12-31
Livehelp Available
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MMOsale - User comments

Comment by some on 20-01-2013 8:33 PM
Plain chinese data collector. Do not give them your private info, at least you'll lose your game account. Of course support is unreachable.  
Comment by Lenceny on 10-10-2010 8:26 PM
I just bought 5000K (5 million kamas) in Dofus 2.0. I received a e-mail that it was confirmed and a success.

Then later I noticed that it was a Live Help tab on, so I clicked it. Then this unproffesional guy comes and sends me a message after I asked how it turned out. He said that it was cancelled after (He was writing incredible fast, like 6-7 sentences in around 10 seconds, so he copy/pasted what he said) I've been staring at the "Success" in big ass letters. He said that the payment was cancelled, but I got a e-mail that I had purchased that crap.

And now it's not possible to reach them at Live Help, it just says: "Please be patient while an operator is contacted..."- like they won't help you. Because my friend made a new character and he got help right away.