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InGameDelivery - User comments

Comment by ingamedelivery on 14-10-2015 2:44 AM
[rquote=10713&tid=3027&author=docrox]I chatted with an online rep before I ordered, they promised delivery in 8 hours or less, 3 day later, still no credits. When I asked for a refund I was told to check back in a few hours and the boss would issue the refund. That's what I get for trying to save a dollar.[/rquote]

We have mailed the credits to your character 10 hours before you post this comment.We are sorry for the delay but under the time you allowed.  
Comment by ingamedelivery on 14-10-2015 2:42 AM
Comment by docrox on 05-10-2015 8:52 PM
I chatted with an online rep before I ordered, they promised delivery in 8 hours or less, 3 day later, still no credits. When I asked for a refund I was told to check back in a few hours and the boss would issue the refund. That's what I get for trying to save a dollar.  
Comment by eshyeshy on 06-09-2015 9:44 AM
10/10. TL;DR version - 1st time using these guys, was worried, got my platinum in 10 minutes, flawless.

Price: Cheap
Customer Service: Incredible
Delivery time: 10 minutes

I placed an order and was worried about the order delivery time so I opened a chat with one of their live agents. The agent was really polite, helpful, and timely with their reply. I asked if I was going to receive my delivery outside of the window I had selected and the agent asked me to hang on. He then verified my name, character name, server, tracking #, phone number, and email which made me feel really secure about my purchase. Once they had verified all that info, they actually had the delivery completed in about 30 seconds. I was floored. I've used many gold selling sites and have never encountered such quick and awesome customer service. The price was also reasonable and competitive. Will definitely use these guys in the future for my MMO currency needs, and you should too!  
Comment by aimlezz on 11-07-2015 9:45 AM
My main fear before buying was that it's a total scam.
So i watched out for classic telltale signs, but was surprised
to see everything in order.
So i've chated up the support, being 100% sure to meet a bot there.
But i was wrong again, a real person answers all your questions.
They offer paypal, so i thought "worst case i get my money back via paypal", so i placed an order, and within 10 minutes i had my Gil. Can only recommend this shop. Gil is not as Cheap as other Shops, but at leasts it 100% legit! Pleasure doing business  
Comment by Sinjhin on 21-10-2014 2:24 AM
Yeah... I have used this company 4 times now. Each time they have not only been fast (within the hour) but they have also seen the order through via chat while I was talking to them to make sure I got it. The english is great, and yeah... not going to go with anyone else at this point.

Very trustworthy.  
Comment by IncognitoGeek on 05-09-2014 5:26 AM
No Luck Buying WoW Gold

After more than 72 hours, the site was not able to deliver on their promise. Their customer support was always online/quick to respond, but that didn't matter as they could not deliver on their promise. Refunded immediately, which was good.  
Comment by ChildHoodHorror on 15-06-2014 2:56 AM
Decent price, and friendly customer service. I decided on a refund when they were out of stock for the lowest amount they offered, and would not offer me an estimate of how long it would take to fill the order. I don't mind waiting but I need to know how long I should expect to wait.

After they offered the refund my Paypal account was credited back almost instantly. So besides not offering a time estimate everything else seem great about them.  
Comment by iamceo on 16-04-2014 7:02 PM
Just bought myself some gold from this marvelous site!
Everything went quick and smooth.
I recieved my gold within 20 minutes and the support was very kind and easy to talk to.

Come on guys! What are you waiting for?! Buy some cheap gold from the world's best Gold provider! for president!

annonymous wow-player  
Comment by aldmare on 01-09-2013 7:02 PM
I just ordered some gil through these guys because of the reviews and now I have to wait 4-6 hours for the supplier to come online, sounds fishy. If they're not online after 7 hours I'll just start a paypal claim.  
Comment by jaxx0rr on 30-07-2013 6:13 PM
im waiting for my money now will post if I get it..  
Comment by zuriel329 on 29-05-2013 3:26 AM
I was genuinely surprised by the speed of their service. I thought I would have to wait many hours but I got my order done in minutes. will 100% be using them again!  
Comment by ingamedelivery on 27-05-2013 2:44 PM
To help facilitate faster delivery, please feel free to reach us on lve chat for help(click "live chat support" at right side of, Our customer service representative can be reached 24/7. You can either check the status of your order or check gold availability.

(PS: we buy all D3 gold from private sellers, pleae feel free to talk with us on live chat or add my skype: passionateseller)

Comment by Geoffaz on 20-03-2013 11:40 PM
Having used a number of gold sites before, this was certainly the swiftest and most professional one I have come across. Purchasing 100m in Aion gold, the delivery was fast and hassle-free. Although a little more expensive than their competitors, it was certainly worth that extra peace of mind. Will certainly be using them again.  
Comment by cheeseshop on 15-02-2013 1:55 AM
I've ordered a large amount of runescape gold, and it was delivered within an hour. The customer service chat stayed open with me the whole time, to ensure that the process goes smoothly.  
Comment by Philip on 04-02-2013 3:08 AM
I read good reviews about this site for purchasing gold. Thus, I thought I would try them today. I have never bought gold before so was pretty much tensed about getting scammed or ripped off. However my experience was good with them. I got my gold as per the time frame given. I would rate this shop 10/10 for their commendable service. It is indeed worth a try.  
Comment by ingamedelivery on 21-01-2013 2:55 AM
I have refunded you, please kindly check it out.
it would be great if you visit our live chat to request a refund or ask about the status of your order. in this way, we can either do delivery or issue refund instantly.  
Comment by patche on 18-01-2013 4:21 PM

I have received the refund, eventually after making the topic

At least they had the decency to return the money after that.

Next time just don't let your customers wait for over a week  
Comment by Shiroi on 04-01-2013 2:12 AM
Their service is absolutely good! They sell what they say. I ordered gold, though I got it a bit late, but 24/7 live chat support was very helpful. I am happy and satisfied with their service. Highly recommend it to each one of you reading this.  
Comment by ingamedelivery on 29-09-2012 1:55 AM
Dear customers,

We are offering discount code for wow gold at

1. igdwow for WoW US
2. igdwoweu for WoW EU

All codes give 5% discount and will bexpire on 31 October

Comment by ingamedelivery on 17-08-2012 1:06 PM
Dear Customers

Most of you enjoyed our fast delivery and courteous service. Here I would like to tell something that may speed up the delivery for new customers.
We always send a reply to your paypal Email as soon as payment is received and ask you to reach us on live chat(it may come to your spam sometimes). In this way,we will be able to verify your payment and arrange the delivery instantly.
How to contact us on live chat? please visit and click "live chat support" icon at right side of the page. we will be reached.

Comment by jongs57 on 07-08-2012 2:59 AM
I just purchased 100Mil from this company and trust me this company delivered the gold within 5 mins! Truly amazing experience ever! Highly recommended.  
Comment by noyb on 01-08-2012 11:32 AM
ordered some diablo 3 gold here, promised delivery in 20 minutes.
servers were offline for maintenance, but agreed on delivery 2 hours later.

Was online, contact chat and had gold 5 minutes later.

Needless to say, this is my new default gold provider.  
Comment by nairozor on 05-07-2012 12:29 AM
Just ordered 10m diablo gold with them, got delivered instantly after having to confirm a few things for my own safety.
Would definitely use them again if I need anything once more!  
Comment by ingamedelivery on 27-06-2012 12:15 PM
Dear valued customers,
I am glad to inform you that was receovred. Now, you can make purchase freely as all the functions are actived.
Here, we apologize any inconvenience which may have caused you during the site was down. we cherish our reputation and hope you will enjoy our excellent service.
Please feel free to reach us on live chat for help, this will fasten the delivery for your order.

Best regards
IGD Staff  
Comment by Roksi on 23-02-2012 1:17 PM
I joined live chat, asked if they had enough in stock on my server - they didnt. They moved it there before I made my purchase (which very few will do) by request. I checked back in later and they confirmed they had the amount in stock, I made the order and recieved the gold in 3 minutes - fastest delivery ever.

Thanks IGD!  
Comment by thegreatestever on 20-02-2012 9:24 AM
I placed a first time order from and they gave me my order within a few minutes. Great service, nice costumer service and the person actually didn't lie to me! I will be buying from them again and again. 10/10  
Comment by mspace1 on 03-12-2011 1:47 AM
Also the ISK price is cheaper than advertised, actually its just plain wrong - Ingame is 24.50 USD per billion and Koala Credits is 30 USD (the opposite to what is currently listed).  
Comment by Zekearcher on 12-01-2011 8:53 AM
A vary good and friendly service. Good price and efficient delivery!  
Comment by Cringe on 31-12-2010 12:09 AM
Can't fault the service at all

delivered a large amount of gold within an hour for me, no problems whatsoever.

pleasant experience  
Comment by Greg1680 on 24-12-2010 5:25 PM
As has been stated before, these guys are awesome. Quick service, very friendly, understand English perfectly fine. Will definitely do business with again.