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Star Trek Online (EU) is no longer online. Any information on this page is purely maintained as a reference basis. Please note any price listings of shops for Star Trek Online (EU) are most likely due to outdated information on the shop's website.

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Star Trek Online (EU) Credits Price History

On this page you'll see a listing of providers from which you can buy STO-EU Credits. This overview not only includes the Star Trek Online (EU) Credits prices of every shop, but also a customer rating. Shops listed as trusted sellers have a proven track record and are usually safe to buy from.

Our STO-EU Credits list has been last updated on November 23, 2017. The next update is scheduled for November 25, 2017. As of November 24, 2017 the median price for 50mn is $0. Currently there are 0 Star Trek Online (EU) Credits prices in our database.

About STO-EU Credits

Star Trek Online is a MMORPG, based off the TV series by the same name, developed by Cryptic Studios. The game sets it off from the rest of the MMORPGs by featuring a duo gameplay system that allow players to battle it out with starships in deep space or get beamed down onto unknown planets to engage in ground combat. Set during a time of war, battle is inevitable for both the Federation and the Klingon factions.

In the midst of war, the strength of the Federation's armed forces are notably driven by the economic system that exists in the world of Star Trek Online. Two types of currency that are used, include the starfleet merit and the energy credits. Without these currencies, bridge officers are unable to get promoted, captains are unable to purchase new ships and players can forget about purchasing items. Starfleet merit are essentially used to promote bride officers and purchase new ships, while energy credits are for purchasing items from various vendors. The methods for obtaining the two currencies are different as well. Merits are collected from completing missions, taking part in PvP and exploration. Credits, on the other hand, are collected by recycling items with the replicators. In some cases the use of both currencies at the same time for purchases or upgrades are required, which could mean double the effort in farming the currencies. Most of the time players have time to spare for farming, but there are many cases where merits and credits are too much trouble to spent hours of gameplay clicking away. This is where currency shops and services that use real money trading comes in. A surprisingly large of number of these MMORPG currency shops exist to offer merits and credits at competitive prices. MMOBUX provides price comparison and currency shop ratings for visitors to check the prices offered by individual shops.

Latest Articles About Star Trek Online (EU)

Legacy of Romulus Expansion To Trigger Rush for Star Trek Online Credits

Perfect World has unveiled the first-ever expansion for Star Trek Online, Legacy of Romulus, set to arrive on May 21. The new expansion promises to set off a mad dash for Credits as fans spend on leveling up new Romulan and Reman characters to 50, stock up on commodities, and outfit their new Romulan Warbirds with equipment.

New Romulan and Reman characters
As hinted in its title, the Legacy of Romulus expansion unlocks the Romulan and Reman playable races complete with fresh missions that flesh out their intriguing storylines. This bumps up the total number of playable races to 24.

Veterans will be rushing to roll new characters from scratch, especially because of the additional mission content that can only be experienced through the new playable races. As fans know, the path to max level is a long and expensive one, so those who want to speed their progress along may purchase stacks of Star Trek Online Credits.

New players will also be tempted to purchase Star Trek Online Credits to help them hit the ground running. Beginners can skip hours of grinding for enough Credits to spend on commodities, leveling gear, and other starter essentials. Instead, they can focus on the journey at hand and savor the compelling plots that are trademark to the game.

Returning players who have taken a long hiatus from Star Trek Online will also be coming back in droves to test out the new playable races and content. Some of these returning players could fill their wallets with Credits in order to quickly catch up to their friends and the rest of the sever population.

Deck out those Romulan Warbirds
The new expansion also introduces a powerful new class of starships-the mighty Warbird Class, available for Romulan captains. With these new starships comes the need for new starship equipment, which can add up to a lot of Credits. Captains who want to deck out their Warbirds as fast as possible will likely look to score some fast Credits from sellers, before taking their fully kitted out starships on dangerous endgame challenges and new Tholian Reputation runs.

Legacy of Romulus is free
The Legacy of Romulus expansion has been confirmed to be free to download, which only makes Star Trek Online Credits more appealing as purchase come launch day. Some of the usual barriers for purchasing virtual currency is that the player has already paid for the game and does not have the budget to spare on Credits that can otherwise be earned anyway through normal play. With the new expansion costing nothing, players will have more financial freedom to splurge on Credits and all the convenience the virtual currency affords.

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