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Latest Articles About Rift

Rift Goes Free to Play: What Does it Mean for Rift Platinum Market?

Rift is moving to a free to play model next month, and along with it major changes to how players earn, spend and grind their Platinum.

Below we tackle the implications of the new free to play paradigm - from the Patron system, to influx of free players to the new cash shop items to the game-changing Platinum for Credits exchange.

Patron currency boost
As Rift moves to a free to play model, it will be removing mandatory monthly subscriptions and replacing their revenue model with an option Patron membership option and increased reliance on cash shop items.

Patrons who choose to continue paying the monthly fees instead of playing the game for free will receive a ton of passive bonuses, including a 15% boost for Platinum and any other currency for that matter.

Rift Platinum sellers will be hard-pressed to market their wares to Patrons who will likely be swimming in the currency, but this will be offset by the increase of new players.

Free player rush
Thousands of new players are expected to rush into Rift when it goes free to play, as has been the case for all other mmorpg games that have made the transition. There is something super appealing about playing a game for free, more so a critical darling that has been lauded for its well-executed dynamic events and intriguing mix-and-match class system.

Rift Platinum sellers will be wise to focus on these new players, although there will be an uphill battle to convince them to purchase Platinum instead of subscribing for a Patron membership. Still, buying Platinum gives an immediate wealth effect while the Patron currency buff does not remove the need to grind Platinum, albeit at a less taxing pace.

Buy new cash shop items with Platinum
Platinum sellers can also sweeten their offer by referencing to the lavish new items that players can purchase with their Platinum. Trion Worlds has confirmed that "many things will be available for both in-game gold and Credits" at the newly beefed-up cash shop.

Platinum for Credits
Last but definitely not the least, the free to play update introduces the Platinum for Credits exchange platform. Trion Worlds has not released the full mechanics of this currency swapper, but the basic idea follows the Guild Wars 2 model.

Aimed specifically at hurting Rift Platinum sellers, the system is aimed at empowering players to become pseudo-gold sellers while diverting the profits back to the developers.

Under the system, players can purchase Credits currency from Trion Worlds and then exchange it for Platinum through the Rift Exchange item.

Third-party Rift Platinum sellers will have to work doubly harder and offer sweeter deals if they want to convince players to buy from them. A point against the Platinum for Credits system is that there will be fluctuations of value, so that it may not yield as much Platinum as an outright third-party purchase.

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