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Hellgate London is no longer online. Any information on this page is purely maintained as a reference basis. Please note any price listings of shops for Hellgate London are most likely due to outdated information on the shop's website.

Hellgate London
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Our HGL Palladium list has been last updated on November 17, 2017. The next update is scheduled for November 19, 2017. As of November 18, 2017 the median price for 5mn is $0. Currently there are 0 Hellgate London Palladium prices in our database.

About HGL Palladium

Hellgate: London was one of the most anticipated games in 2007, developed by the same team that made Diablo a success. The producer, Flagship Studios, along with its publishing partners, EA, Namco Bandai and Hanbitsoft launched HGL on October, 31. Hellgate London is an action-packed, demon-slaying, role playing game. The game is set in a post-apocalypse London where demons from hell raid the city. In the year 2038, the demons dominate much of the world but groups of humans are prepared to fight against them.

Your ultimate goal is to save mankind and close the gate to hell. In order to do so you will join one of the three hidden organizations, each with different believes, philosophies and combat abilities. Cabalists mix demonic forces with modern science while Templars are futuristic knights wielding magical swords, fighting at close range. Equipped with the latest cutting edge weaponry, Hunters are able to snipe from long distances offering another style of combat, similar to a first person shooter. HGL blends fast paced action gameplay with online roleplaying to create a unique gaming experience. You will be hunting demons and zombies along with your friends in the immersive atmosphere that features popular landmarks such as the Piccadilly Street, the Thames, the Covent Garden Market and the British Museum.

Hellgate London Palladium is the official currency of the game. Several nicknames have already surfaced as alternatives: From Pd and Pal to the the simple P. HGL Palladium, an actual element from the periodic table, has another use - it's ammunition for Hunters. It's not certain if Palladium as currency will be as scarce and valuable like in MMORPGs. Hellgate London uses Pd as a medium for exchange of goods and items. Players can use Hellgate London Palladium to trade with NPC vendors and other players. Trading items works just like in other RPGs; Players need to agree on a price before goods and HGL Pd get exchanged. Auction Houses will be used as a trading platforms for players to support the economy of the game. Apart from being the common currency to purchase weapons, armor and items, Hellgate London Palladium has got another use: The Augmentrix, which allows you to enhance your gear by adding modifiers. The higher the level of a modifier the more expensive it is. Legendary modifiers can cost 30 to 40k HGL Palladium depending on the item. Palladium comes mainly in the form of loot from defeated monsters. Trading can help you earn small amounts of Palladium. The game mechanics favour players who break down items to salvage them for crafting instead of selling it. However, grinding monsters and completing quests are still the best options for making Hellgate London Palladium.

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