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2Moons is no longer online. Any information on this page is purely maintained as a reference basis. Please note any price listings of shops for 2Moons are most likely due to outdated information on the shop's website.

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2Moons Dil Price History

On this page you'll see a listing of providers from which you can buy 2m Dil. This overview not only includes the 2Moons Dil prices of every shop, but also a customer rating. Shops listed as trusted sellers have a proven track record and are usually safe to buy from.

Our 2m Dil list has been last updated on November 23, 2017. The next update is scheduled for November 25, 2017. As of November 24, 2017 the median price for 100mn is $0. Currently there are 0 2Moons Dil prices in our database.

About 2m Dil

2Moons by Acclaim, is a free-to-play MMORPG that features an arcade style gameplay. Catering to hardcore gamers, the game is all about extreme action and violent combat. The game offers gamers with over 7,000 items and gear in total, for which the majority could be acquired by 2Moons Dil (the game currency). Besides team-based PvP, the action-based MMORPG takes players into epic GvG (guild versus guild) instances and a highly unique combat system.

Unlike most other MMOs, gamers will find that they are not able to get 2Moons Dil until they reach level 40. However, there's the option to sell items in order to attain money faster. For instance, as players slay monsters, they earn rewards and pick up equipment drops. These items and equipment could then be sold for some Dil. Completing quests and fishing are other ways to earn 2Moons Dil. The currency is also commonly referred to as 2Moons gold or money. Dil is an important part of character progression in the game, especially to ensure avatars are equipped with level appropriate equipment. Apparently, ensuring adequate Dil at all time is a continuous challenge for many player.

Latest Articles About 2Moons

Where to Dig for 2Moons or Dekaron Dil

For the uninitiated, 2Moons was the name first given to the English version of the Korean MMORPG Dekaron. But 2Moons has since reverted back so that it and all other versions are now known as Dekaron. Also, do not confuse the fantasy MMORPG from the same-named but totally unrelated 2Moons open-source browser game engine.

What You Can Buy With Dil
Dekaron Dil is a currency that can be spent to power up and prettify your character. Dil can be spent on skills, wings and +X power sets. It is also the currency needed to teleport to specific dungeons. You basically want accumulate millions of Dil to be able to bankroll your character to his or her maximum potential, and become as mobile as you can across the game world.

Favorite Farming Spots
Soloing dungeons is also a preferred way to rack up those Dils. Crespo and Crevice dungeons can be soloed, and are famed for having some of the most lucrative drops such as gems in the game. You can spend less than an hour - veterans can even breeze through them in some of these in less than 10 minutes -- and end up with fantastic Dil rewards.

Aquarius is often considered a gateway map for beginners in search for the best Dil grind spots. It is a level 115 map and offers considerable challenge for those who do not take it seriously, so make sure to pack a lot of potions and be on your top game. You will be reward here with level nice 100+ weapons.

After some time farming Aquarius, you can consider taking on the Deadfronts, which occur a few times each day. You will need to pair up with at least another person, posses the Deadfront map, and then cross your fingers that you can finish the Deadfronts and rack up an enviable lode of weapons to be sold for Dil.

From the Deadfronts, the dungeons become noticeably tougher to complete and the grind becomes more pronounced as you take longer to level. Do not let this affect your grinding enthusiasm. In fact, you should be more pumped at this time because the moneymaking potential is highest in these top-tier endgame dungeons.

In West Morte and East Ares, for example, players can pick up level 160 set drops. Then the aforementioned Crespo dungeons give out some of the best gems in the game that will go for crazy Dil prices due to their utility and relative rarity.

From here, you can challenge the most premium dungeons like Ardeca that drop level 200+ weapons and probably more Dil than you can reasonably spend. Outside of spending coins for VIP status, these ultimate endgame farming spots should make you rich beyond your wildest Dekaron dreams.

If there is anything you should take away from this short guide, it's that leveling fast is quite possibly the smartest strategy to farming Dil since it fast-tracks your progress to the highest-yielding Dil dungeons.

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