Best Way to Make Gold in Diablo 2: Resurrected

By Brandy,

The promise of the return of Diablo 2: Resurrected is finally coming to fruition. The amazing action RPG features improved quality visuals and much more. It gives you a taste of what it was like twenty years ago if you played the classic, action-packed game. 

Most of the improvements to the game are welcome; notable ones include 3D graphics, shared inventories, surround sound, and quality cutscenes. These changes notwithstanding, it is not a remake or an effort to reverse-engineer Diablo 2. It still has the same story, same gameplay, and same character voices.

Similarly, gold remains the standard currency for all merchant transactions in the game. It is necessary to gather as much as possible to cover the cost of maintaining your equipment, new purchases, and other necessities, including keys, potions, and scrolls. Therefore, gold is key to getting that much-anticipated definitive Diablo experience.
Here is how you can make as much gold as possible.

Gold from Monsters and Chests

One of the most straightforward strategies to obtain gold is picking them when dropped by chests and monsters. In multiplayer games, the gold you pick is shared evenly with other players on the level. Gold is not sharable among players in an unfriendly party. It is also not sharable among players at a different level. Lest we forget, the level is not a matter of proximity. Two characters half-a-screen apart can be in different levels, and hence, cannot share gold.

first dungeon in diablo 2 resurrected

But still, two characters a couple of screens apart can be on the same level and share the precious metal. When your gold capacity is full, any gold picked is shared among the below-capacity characters. I cannot imagine what it would feel like bumping on a gold stack when at full capacity! In such cases, the standard rule is that the amount shared among characters is deducted, and the rest returns to the ground. Therefore, it is normal for a character to click the same stack multiple times, shrinking it to nothing.

Gold from Items Sales

Apart from collecting gold from monsters and chests, you can make enormous profits from trading your possessions to merchants. Under normal difficulty, the Act sets the maximum you can get from a sale of an item. The amount increases by five thousand on Hell and Nightmare difficulty. 

Below is the distribution of possible earnings:

  • Normal Difficulty
  • Act 1: five thousand
  • Act 2: ten thousand
  • Act 3: fifteen thousand
  • Act 4: twenty thousand
  • Act 5: Twenty-five thousand
  • Nightmare Difficulty: thirty thousand
  • Hell Difficulty: thirty thousand

The most profitable possessions you can trade are body armor, magical weapons, and helms. Going by inventory space, wands are the most profitable items, priced at thirty-five thousand and requiring only two inventory slots. All elite and unique body armors go for thirty-five thousand, and they will occupy six spaces in your inventory. 

diablo 2 resurrected armour

The price of weapons is relatively variable, depending on the modifiers. However, the prices of unique and set items are preset within the game code, and they do not fetch as much gold as a rare and magical item with equivalent modifiers.

People often ignore gems, yet they are relatively valuable. In Hell Difficulty, gems are flawless quality, priced at 7,500 each, with skulls fetching double the amount. Besides, gems can only eat up a single space in your inventory, and they also squeeze in empty gaps within the inventory. Exploit the gold carrying capacity of your level and collect as much as possible.

Increased Gold Find

There are items with modifiers that can increase your rate of finding gold dropped by chests and monsters. These items will not in any way impact merchant prices (although unique items can fetch lower prices) or alter gold sharing arrangements. 

They increase the volume of gold dropped. These modifiers can be the difference. You do not need much to assemble equipment with over 1000% increased gold find. With such equipment, you will have better gears than other characters because of the incremental improvements.

Increased gold equipment accumulates wealth using some form of psychological trickery. Characters without such equipment face challenges finding gold once they are through the early poverty levels. On the contrary, characters with gold find equipment can effortlessly gather all the gold they see because they drop in stacks of a thousand and more. Such stacks will motivate you to collect even more gold. Take advantage of these modifies to increase the amount of gold you collect from dungeons.

Carrying Capacity

You can carry as much gold as possible as you advance through the stages. In Diablo 2, gold does not need inventory space, and its weight does not drain stamina or affect character movement. The holding capacity increases with level, and the increase is relatively even. Therefore, hold as much gold as your level can allow. 

Use it incrementally to improve your equipment to outmatch your competitors. The best cheat to beat your carrying capacity is selling items and using the gold to improve your weaponry. It is easy to outmuscle your opponent with protection by elite armor.

Gold is a valuable asset in Diablo 2: Resurrected. It can buy you portions, scrolls, and portals. They will come in handy when you need to revive your mercenary at some point in the game. Death can lead to massive gold losses, and so is a fight with a formidable opponent. Amass gold by picking items and selling them to merchants. 

Most of the time, you will get the maximum return in gold. Remember to deposit your returns in a personal stash to prevent others from stealing in case you die.

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