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IGE has recently received multiple fraud reports. We strongly advice against purchasing from IGE at this time. There is a significant risk associated with transactions with this vendor and you might be unable to recover payments or secure delivery.

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Website: http://www.ige.com/
Telephone: +1-866-348-205
Owner: Internet Gaming Entertainment, Ltd.
Street address: 8900 Wilshire Blvd, 2nd Floor
Beverly Hills, California 90211
Country: United States
Ebay user ID: ige
Livehelp: Available
Payment options: MasterCard PayPal Visa Card
Alexa rank: 461,457
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IGE is probably one of the largest virtual currencies and items provider for MMORPGs known in the gaming community. The brand and business was founded in 2002 by consummate gamers and has ever since been one of the forerunners of the real-money-trading industry. What makes IGE stands out is their consistent fast transactions and guaranteed security. Gamers who puts transaction security above pricing and other factors tends to be IGE's returning customers.

Over the years, the shop expands to include customer support in not only English but French, German and Japanese. The business is operated mainly in the United States, China and Vanuatu. Besides the standard PayPal and Credit Card payment options, Moneybookers is also available.

In addition, customer ratings found on shop review sites suggests an overall good customer satisfaction with ratings of 4.5 out of 5. A complete historical breakdown of the founding of IGE reveals that the site was originally an image processing company that over the years evolved into what we now know as one of he giants in the secondary market and has since acquired several large operations such as Allakhazam.

Due to numerous fraudulent reports on IGE, purchases from them is discouraged at the moment. We recommend you to check other sites instead.

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Review by Firekitty on 2013-06-01 10:12:15
They might have been really good and reliable once upon a time, but that time most certainly ISNT now. I ordered from them at 8pm LAST night and the person that took my order online assured me that I would get my gold in 1 hour, at the most, 3, because my server was FULLY stocked and their usual 24 hours would not apply. Well, she kept telling me I had to stay LOGGED IN to my character because there was a very good chance of me being banned if I did not pick up my gold IMMEDIATLY after it was delivered.. So I got on my main and I waited.. an hour had passed, I waited some more.. 3, 4 hours passed, and I was passing out. Hoping they would send an email like she said they would do, I set my alarm loud for email notifications, and went to sleep. I woke up at 6:30 this morning, checked my main, nothing, checked my email, nothing.. waited some more.. Finally around 8am I tried logging onto their site and seeing if there was a reason for the holdup. I tracked my order and it said the same ol thing it said 5 min after I bought it.. that my order was in the process of being sent to me IMMEDIATLY. So.. I tried accessing their 24/7 online chat support.. no mater WHAT option I selected, all it kept sending me to was to EMAIL THEM. Would NOT let me speak to ANYONE. After reading how they answer all their emails in an hour, I decided to give it a shot. This was at 8am.. it is now almost 10:30am and nothing back from them.. no gold.. no reply. They have NO contact telephone number. Worst experience I have ever ever had.. Going to report them to paypal for fraud.
Review by Flagginz on 2013-02-07 16:48:24
I've used IGE in the past, and have had no problems.

However, I have been waiting 11 days for my order now and can't get any sort of ETA out of them as to when I might finally receive my order. Their prices aren't that great either. No reason to use their service and end up waiting two weeks when other sites like koala credits have live chat support and deliver within half an hour.
Review by rankyga on 2012-10-12 00:34:48
IGXE is a virtual site, compared with this site.
really secure and cheap
IGXEMIAM17698, 10% bonus for wow gold (60$).
Review by paulz_69 on 2012-05-07 22:08:13
This was the first of many MMO currency companies i've used over the last several years. The prices are usually much higher then current market value, delivery is slow (inside of 48 hours for small to medium size orders), and customer service uses template responses.

Like all of the companies i've used, they have very limited to no stock in FFXIV gil. Unlike the other companies, IGE's customer service flat out told me it could not met a proposed gil order inside a reasonable time-frame and to look elsewhere. Kudos! I've used this service 7+ years ago for EQ platinum back when the price difference with it's competitors was less drastic. Made one WoW medium sized gold order that took almost 2 days to fill on a heavily populated server, no excuse.

2/5 stars for delivery speed and price
Review by ladyinoly on 2011-06-06 01:00:52
I have been buying gold from IGE for about 3 years now. And in spurts have been known to make several purchases back to back. My experience with IGE Is they are very wishy washy. They sometimes have A+ customer service and then the very next time you order it's horrible. Don't get too excited if you have a good experience with them because the next one can go very different. Just recently I ordered 62,400 gold and got it all in 24hrs. I ordered the exact same order again two weeks later and it's been 5 days and have only recieved a small portion of it. When you contact customer service they send out a form letter basically saying "gee sorry you'll get your gold eventually" and I probably will but long after I actually need it! Bottom line if you want consistant good service at a reasonable price look elsewhere. There are lots of good ones. I've used In game delivery before and had a good experience.
Review by littledevil898 on 2010-06-26 20:31:20
After waiting 11 days for just 3000g, I recieved a message from IGE support saying that they cant supply the gold due to a shortage! They have instead, refunded my money. Which hasn't yet showed up??? starting to think I won't see that money again.

I have used IGE before and they were good but, this whole situation has put me off them permanently. I won't be using them again and would recommend others avoid them too. It seems the last honest gold seller has gone the way of most of the others. They have either gone crooked or are having massive financial troubles. Really dissapointed :(
Review by demonette on 2010-06-20 19:44:39
Ok, so I odered 4500 gold from IGE a few weeks back based on the good reviews I had read and sure enough, IGE were honest and processed my order as promised. Delivery, took in the region of 11 hours, which was fine by me (I was just pleased to see that the gold had actually been delivered) and was delivered in game by one of their staff.

I decided to use them again last wednesday. Big mistake it seems. It's now been 6 days and nothing! Twice I have contacted their support who merely send me, what are clearly template letters, stating that there is a gold shortage across all companies!! SORRY, NOT MY PROBLEM. If you cant supply the order, dont take my money! They also didn't answer my questions and have not offered a refund or a gold bonus for my inconvenience. I will not be using them again.
Review by lovedavid on 2010-06-07 00:49:54
on 1st in June,i bought 20 m rapid gold,they finished very fast.i am very satisifed with it,i recommend IGE to you.and also the operator on livechat is fast and professional compared to order site,very helpful.I like IGE best!:D
Review by bocaop on 2010-05-11 15:46:15
IGE is a very good company but right now the price is getting a little high when compared to other companies.
Review by entz on 2010-03-28 11:52:00
I ordered a simple 1.5k gold expecting it to be super fast,like some other gold sites.But I cant believe its been almost a day now,and still nothing.And they DONT even got a live chat like most sites. E-P-I-C F-A-I-L
Review by zippy on 2010-02-09 13:23:01
After having problems with getting warhammer gold from VCsales, I thought I'd give IGE a try because of the favorable rating shown on this site.
To make a long story short; I'm very pleased. I ordered 2000 gold for $23US, and it was delivered to my game mailbox, hassle free, within two hours. Furthermore, they sent me an email confirming delivery. It just doesn't get any easier than that.
I would certainly use them again.
I should note that I asked an IGE advisor, before I purchased, how long it would take for delivery.
Good luck, and happy gaming!
Review by johnmaja on 2010-01-25 13:00:33
Over many years of MMO playing I have, from time to time, looked for gold sale services. This was my first time using IGE and it was smoother, faster, and more complete than any other service. Now granted, I have only used 3 and was loyal to one. I actually went to the other's site but their system was screwed up and I looked for the next best thing. I came to IGE and crossed my fingers. A little over 1 hour later I had my ordder delivered to me in full with no issues, drama, or concerns. I rarely ever post but this experience was exceptional. Thanks again!
Review by thekid19 on 2009-10-23 13:01:49
I've ordered from them a few times, it was really good.

then my recent order, I ordered late at night and logged off. I received a email saying that the order was completed, but I didn't get the order nether traded/auction house or the mail. I tried talking to them, but they won't reply.

I hate this seller now.
Review by partmonster on 2009-09-15 20:58:02
I have purchased from IGE on 3 different transactions. The delivery was always made but not always in the fastest manner. Rest assured IGE is safe, accurate, and honest. I have even received correspondance from them thru mail suggesting other companies just as reputable as their own. Real class act.

Now if they could just speed up service and bring down prices to a competitive level I would be thrilled and go back to using their service.
Review by sjackwow on 2009-08-05 11:58:59
I am so impressed with my purchase and service from IGE! I was scared to buy gold because I hear so many scam-rumors, but IGE was professional, courteous, prompt, and most of all, honest. I paid via PayPal and received my gold through in-game mail within 4 hours with instructions and guidance all along the way. I definitely recommend this service!
Review by Junkyarddog on 2009-01-19 22:06:42
IGE is one of the best sites around and I don't believe that IGE and wowmine are 1 and the same company. I never had problems with IGE when it comes to customer service and delivery time. Although sometimes they fail to deliver on time, they make it up to you by giving bonuses for the hassle of waiting. They have improved indeed, unlike wowmine which is going down the drain.

Review by xretro on 2008-10-04 08:38:58
I would be wary of this site, just because as soon as I bought this the had an order verification. I have purchased many things through the internet and wonder why the need order verification, unless it is just a stalling measure. 2 Days since order and still nothing.
Review by eq2playa on 2008-08-20 01:42:40
I too decided to give IGE another try after a year. Ordered around 100pp and had it delivered by the second day as promised! I feel this company has really improved its business when it comes to dealing with Everquest 2. While I can't vouch for other games, several eq2 guild mates and myself are very happy with IGE for providing our eq2 plat. Will purchase from IGE again.
Review by gentlej on 2008-07-19 09:43:52
Delivery within 48 hours. I decided to give them another chance , I wanted 6k..and decided to split it between two sellers. IGE had delivered it to my mailbox within 48 hours. MUCH better than the 7 days it took last time.

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