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On this page you'll see a listing of providers from which you can buy WoW Gold. This overview not only includes the World of Warcraft Gold prices of every shop, but also a customer rating. Shops listed as trusted sellers have a proven track record and are usually safe to buy from.

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We also offer a comparison of different World of Warcraft powerleveling companies and WoW game time card suppliers.

About WoW Gold

World of Warcraft is a MMORPG title released by Blizzard Entertainment in 2004. The game is another franchise of the popular Warcraft series which has received numerous awards. It is set in a fantasy world of Azeroth where gnomes, dwarves, elves, humans, orcs, undead and other monsters roam the virtual world. Players choose a race, class and profession to play and advance through the game. The game offers both PvE where players can play solo as well as PvP play which involves other players. The WoW received a major expansion in January 2007 called The Burning Crusade. The new expansion opens up a new world, the Outland where new races of playable characters and instances can be unlocked. The game is currently enjoyed worldwide. As of July 2007 the subscription numbers reached 9 millions, surpassing any successful MMORPG in the past.

World of Warcraft Gold (US) is a currency used in the US server as a medium of trade. WoW Gold, items are rewarded after killiing the enemies. WoW gold is a limited resource and is hard to come by even though gold can be earned by various ways. It is still time intensive for any player to gather the gold needed to get better gears which make advancing easier. Because of the enormous need for WoW Gold, it has attracted many exploiters such as dupers and gold farmers. Arguing that they ruin other people's experience and enjoyment of the game, Blizzard has put up a strong fight to combat these exploiters by banning large number of accounts involved in the activities. However, there are as many players who would not want to invest their time and are willing to pay the extra money to get through the game. Generally, the price of WoW Gold in the US servers are more expensive than those in the US.

WoW Gold Guides

There are also numerous gold-making guides available for World of Warcraft players. Currently mmobux recommends Killer Guides' World of Warcraft Gold Guide, which covers a broad range from daily quests and professions to making gold while leveling and auction house trading. 'Standard' farming spots are covered as well, making it an interesting resource for bots as well. Yielding up to 500 gold per hour, the strategies are suitable for players of all skill levels. If Killer Guides keeps the guide up to date, it probably will become a valuable resource for professional farmers as well. There also seems to be a German-language version available: WoW Gold Guide (German)

Latest Articles About World of Warcraft

Submitted by Brandy on 2014-08-17 23:54:02
Getting Rich Isn't Too Hard
You see those expensive items on the auction house, and wonder how anyone could possibly afford them. Who has 30,000 gold to spend on a Vial of the Sands? Smart players are the ones that are buying these items, but luckily you've stumbled across this short guide that is going to let you in on some of their secrets,the secrets to get rich.

Potion of Luck

If you have the alchemy profession, you've probably have seen the Potion of Luck. This item is fantastic for farming in Pandaria and can get you a lot of extra loot that you can turn around and sell. However, there's a better option that is more profitable.

The older brother of this potion originally came about in Cataclysm as the Potion of Treasure Finding, and is actually one of the best ways to make money. Since most Pandaria mats are constantly farmed, they usually sell for less than the Cataclysm mats. This makes using this form of the potion more effective for making gold. Not to mention that creatures die faster to level 90s since they were made for the previous expansion, making farming the treasure chests that drop rather easy.

Some of the items you can get are volatile elements, Embersilk Cloth, ores and herbs, and even bind on equip blues that sell for a bunch since they are below the level 85 PvP bracket. Your best bet is to find a place with tons of creatures with a fast respawn rate. There are several of these in Deepholm.

Play the Auction House

You should always keep an eye on the auction house and figure out what's in supply, and what's in demand. Focus your attention on materials, as these are the best money makers since nobody wants to go out and farm them while leveling a crafting skill.

Once you notice that there is nothing in stock of a certain material, go out and farm it. You'll be able to put it in at very high price, and people will actually buy it quickly simply because they need it.

Golden Fleece

This is an interesting Panderia trinket that will make you lots of extra gold. This drops off a rarespawn called Omnis Grinlok. You'll find him in the Briny Muck within the Dread Wastes. Even then, the fleece has a low chance to drop, but it's definitely worth farming for.

When equipped in one of your trinket slots, this items gives anything that would give experience or honor a chance of dropping gold in a small pile on the side of their body. It's a very good amount and really adds up over time. This would combine well with using the Potion of Luck for farming.

World of Warcraft

Submitted by Frank Lewis on 2013-01-13 21:28:39
Darkmoon Cards Are Most Profitable, Says New Inscription Gold-Making Guide

Basil Berntsen, the knowledgeable Gold Capped columnist and resident gold-making expert at WoW Insider, believes Darkmoon Cards can rake in the most profit for scribes.

In his year-end December 28 column, Basil posted his inscription gold-making guide and claiming that “inscription is one of the best gold-making professions in the game.”

He went on to discuss in detail the time investment requirements and profit potential of three main inscription markets:
Darkmoon cards: Scalable time investment, massive profits
Glyphs: Massive time investment, low profit
Odds and ends: Minimal time investment, medium profit

Darkmoon Cards
With the most in-demand decks going for up to 20,000 Gold each, Basil believes that Darkmoon cards (12 of which when combined form a full deck) can earn scribes the highest possible WoW Gold. But he said that it takes intricate planning and logistics to really ramp up the Gold income from Darkmoon cards due to the constraints surrounding its crafting cooldown.

“’Going big’ increases your production and decreases your waste. How does one make a lot of cards, though? Since they're tied to a daily cooldown, the options are to buy the cooldown from other scribes, or to have multiple scribes... If you plan to step it up and make decks, though, you'll need to either develop a network of scribes willing to sell you their daily cooldown, or make a bunch of alts into scribes.”

Needless to say, only the most persevering players will be able to develop cultivate such a network or level up an army of scribe alts. Still, the profits are lucrative enough to make the effort worth it.

Unlike Darkmoon Cards, Glyphs are probably not worth the trouble. Not only does the Glyph market demand an excruciating amount of play time, it also promises a pittance of WoW Gold compared to the blood and sweat you put into it.

“The way the glyph market works on most realms is that there are a couple of people willing to put in the long hours who will have every available glyph posted profitably, and undercut within minutes of being undercut. They all reduce the price very minimally when undercutting, and the "competition" isn't about price, it's about who can relist more frequently.

“This is a very expensive way to compete unless you have unlimited playtime and have already done every other profitable action you can take. Every hour I waste relisting glyphs is an hour I can't spend managing the rest of my businesses or trying to catch up on my valor cap,” Basil explains.

Still, for those who insist on fighting the uphill battle and diving deep into the Glyphs market, Basil has one parting advice: “Make sure you have the most efficient possible setup, and undercut really frequently.”

Odds and Ends
For scribes who can’t and won’t go all in with crafting Darkmoon Cards, an attractive alternative is to also dip into the other “odds and ends” inscription items. Particularly popular and profitable are BoE shoulder enchants (both blue and purple rarity), Runescrolls of Fortitude and the pair of companion kites. And if players had to choose only one of these, BoE should enchants are “easily one of the best money makers, in terms of gold per hour” because of their consistent demand and persistently solid wow gold price