Valve now Launches Steam Community Market Beta

By Priyanka,
Steam, a well-known digital distribution online platform developed by Valve Corporation opens its market for players to buy and sell in-game items with cash. Valve recently expanded its service to include non-gaming software on the website. This new section specifically designed for users to purchase and sell in-game commodities using the newly introduced, “Steam Wallet” funds.

The main feature behind this concept is for players to transact their in-game commodities directly without any interference from the so-called 'middle-man'. Since this particular service launched recently as a beta phase, and with support for Team Fortress 2, there are limited items for sale in the store. Commodities such as keys, crates and mystery items are amongst some of the items up for exchange. Valve, along with various game publishers will receive a share from the transaction. The remaining amount will be kept by the seller. However, it should be noted Steam will be charging 5% fee on every transaction along with chargeable fees to specific games as well.

To advertise your items for sale, the process is relatively easy: Eligible items for sale can either be sold from the community market homepage or from within your item inventory. In order to purchase items, you will need to click on “Buy Now” to make payment. There is no option for a refund, replacement or cancellation once the items are sold. As such, buyers should be sure of what they really want to purchase to avoid future regrets.

According to many, Valve has taken a logical step for Team Fortress 2's fluttery-bucket-based economy by introducing concrete money into the equation. It is a great juncture for gamers to display their items for purchase amongst the Steam community. As the market supports diverse currencies, purchases made with non-Steam wallet currency will be calculated, considering the country's currency and exchange rates accordingly.

The testing period for the service was recently launched on December 12th. If the Steam community market model is a success, we can expect items for other games up for sale as well. For now, gamers can go through the trial of buying and selling items via Steam for Team Fortress 2.

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